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A New Direction [OPEN]

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A New Direction [OPEN]

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:25 pm

OOC: Dis be my first thread. Feel free to join (anyone is welcome, honestly).

Signing up with a company of pirates was certainly the strangest decision Remi had ever made. Having been on his own so long, he'd forgotten how to socialize with other people. Even animals had started to avoid him. Nervousness bloomed in his chest. His heart began to beat faster. What would his parents think of his new direction? Not that they cared. He hadn't seen them in months. They probably assumed he'd become a rebel or a mercenary with the way he used to talk about society. Heck, if they really knew their son, they probably wouldn't be surprised if he was leading a pack of feral wolves. He that about that last option for a moment. Wouldn't be so bad. Then again, imagining himself mostly-animal and chasing his own tail was a bit depressing. At least, it would reach that point eventually. The realization that he did have a tail to call upon and chase whenever he wanted gave him some amusement.

Remi released an exaggerated yawn. Drachma felt like such a boring state. The truth of the matter was that it really wasn't boring at all, he'd just become so used to the chaos. The looming highway brought back some bad memories of his youth (namely the blood, sweat, and tears he poured into the damn thing) but nothing here really felt familiar to him. He honestly found himself missing Gelemorte.
"Merde..." he cursed.
The more he sat there wallowing in self-pity, the more he realized that he'd done a good thing for himself the other day.
'You know, it wasn't so terrible. I'll do whatever. Je veux y aller. Maybe I'll meet some of my own kind' he pondered.

His thoughts immediately experienced a shift. Other chimerae. It seemed a bit foreboding to think that there existed a whole race of halflings - and Remi himself wasn't even well educated about the other Generations. What were they like? He took a moment to think about all of the possibilities. He gulped loudly. Catpeople. If there were dogpeople (of which he was one), there had to be catpeople. He hated cats. But what about catpeople? As something brushed up against his leg, he felt an intense wave of panic wash over him.
Looking down, he spied a pigeon at his feet, pecking at his shoelace. Birdpeople! Startled, he stumbled backwards, catching himself on a nearby bench. He slumped down shortly thereafter, the pudgy creature settling on his leg. Anyone who saw the whole thing might have found themselves a little curious about Remi. He stuck out like a sore thumb.

White-blonde hair, ghostly skin, pinkish a way that he actually couldn't help it, he was terrible unsubtle. His strange choice of clothing didn't exactly detract from all of this, either. Even that was for a reason, however. Draped over his wooden seat, he wondered who would decide to bother him today. The pigeon on his lap cooed softly and flew away.


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